Audiogliphix Magazine
November 2003
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AUDIOGLIPHIX [AG Music] Magazine

This is the Audiogliphix [AG for short,] renegade magazine employing guerilla tactics against pop-culture hyperbole since 1995.

Created and staffed by a rag-tag alliance of social rebels and artistic thinkers whose interests and tastes extend beyond prefab celebrities, so-called American idols, and mainstream culture.

AG is eclectic, futuristic, innovative, edgy, capricious and eternally evolving cyclically. With the lessons of an appreciated past coupled with the desire to document the impact the future will have on media and the population, AG's coverage comes from this unique perspective.

If this description sounds like you, then you should be reading this magazine.

Is this sounds like an audience you want to reach with your products, your music, your fashions, your designs, you should be sponsoring this magazine.

If these are the people you like to discover, get to know and introduce to a wider audience you should be writing for this magazine.

If your visual is stylistically hyperopic, bold and stunning with an appreciation for retro-chic and your mind of future fab, you should be helping design this magazine.

AG is a publication whose strategy is based on consistency, keeping it REAL, Honest and effective, despite the culture that surrounds us, and the pressure to sell out to well-funded corporations.

We are seeking 50 innovative independent record labels who wish to do business with and becoming affiliated with AG. This affiliation will include providing promotional materials, purchasing advertising space, linking sites and various levels of cross promotion.

We are already proud to include Kriztal Entertainment, Citrona Records and Worship Recordings as sponsors. Soon, you will be receiving our latest media packet describing how we can work together to get more customers for the music you make.

This way everyone wins.


This issue: The Ladies of Montazh (click cover to go to the Montazh Website) Photo by K-C Bajai

Rates & Specifications

Magazine Dimensions:

Trim size: 8.25 x 10.75

Page Count: 16 - 48

Print Run: 5,000

Black & White Color

Full page  (7.5 x 10")................. $ 230.00 $ 300.00

1/2 page (7.5 x 4.875 horizontal) $ 125.00 $ 160.00

(3.625 x 10 vertical)                               

1/4 page (3.625 x 4.875).............. $ 65.00 $ 85.00

1/8 page (1.687 x 4.875)............... $ 35.00 $ 45.00

Volume discounts available for as little as THREE spots. For info email AG Music Magazine

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QUARK XPRESS 4.0 or earlier - (include fonts with file. Photo must be at least 150 dpi @ 100% size)

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 7.0 or earlier - (file must be 300 dpi @ 100% size)

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 8.0 or earlier - (include all fonts or convert fonts to outline)

MACROMEDIA FREEHAND 8.0 or earlier  - (include all fonts or convert fonts to outline)



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